Great employee experience is better business



Businesses often talk about creating great customer experience, but what about that of their employees?

The move to mass remote working has put a serious strain on how businesses connect their workers together when geographically dispersed. As a result, there has been growing recognition that paying closer attention to employee experience not only has a direct correlation with enhanced productivity and collaboration, but also with improved employee health, wellbeing and job satisfaction.

Fortunately, tools now exist to create engaging and vibrant communication channels, which prioritise worker efficiency, while ensuring they know that they are a valued and important member of the team.

Developing great employee experiences has a clear commercial value too. According to the Work 2035 report, Citrix concludes 74% of executives think high levels of ROI will be achieved through better employee experiences.

Making connections

Every remote team member is now using a range of technologies. There is nothing more frustrating than desktop and hosted applications which are slow and unreliable. The foundation of these applications and services is the network they use.

When a fast, reliable, scalable and secure network is easily accessible, remote workers feel connected to their teams and able to work and collaborate without any concerns regarding the network they are connected to. Small businesses in particular, are building hybrid networks that support their precise needs. These efficient networks and applications are an essential foundation for great employee experiences.

The network itself, and the myriad of digital devices which could be connected to it, can all be managed in a secure environment. Remote workers shouldn’t need to worry about configuring network access or concerning themselves with security protocols. The digital tools and services they use should be set-up to work flawlessly. This level of tool and service integration is a major component of creating great employee experiences.

Smart business owners understand their workforces are their most precious asset. Supporting them with industry-leading network technology is a proven way to enhance employee experience of the applications, services and networks they use.

Investing in modern network technology from a small number of vendors is a clear driver across the small business sector. Dell's small business survey concluded that 80% of respondents stated they prefer to buy from just one or two vendors. Nearly three-quarters (73%) also stated the help they received from Dell's Technology Advisors – trusted experts who can provide one-on-one support - proved invaluable when choosing the suitable systems and architectures.

Plug and go network support

Productivity and collaboration are symbiotic. What they have in common is technology. Indeed, research from IDG concludes 59% of small businesses surveyed about the impact of the pandemic, say Covid-19 has accelerated their digital transformation efforts, with over half (54%) adding new technology projects to their development roadmaps.

The foundation of these new projects is using end-to-end network technologies that can deliver reliable services right across a dispersed business. Building in advanced systems that include DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) and Dell Optimizer uses AI to optimise a system constantly.

The power of DaaS for small businesses is that the cloud-based services that the desktop enables each user to access, is totally configurable. IT can manage network access, security and application licensing remotely leaving each remote user to focus on their key tasks.

For remote workers, this delivers a working environment that is efficient and promotes engaging experiences. The technology and services in use don't pose any technical hurdles that must be cleared.

The key pain points employees can feel with the technologies they use every day can be swept away for remote workers. For small businesses, creating a technology environment for their remote workers means carefully choosing the devices and the network infrastructure they connect to.

Technologies such as Dell's Value Tower Solutions are next-generation servers that are small, unobtrusive, yet deliver the network power remote teams need to work together with no connection bottlenecks for performance restrictions. Dell’s flexible servers and storage options are available to suit every need.

The employee experience of work and their place within their teams has changed. Creating great experiences for each worker can be delivered by choosing the right technologies and partners.

Dell's portfolio of plug-and-go servers, world-class technology advisers and an appreciation that the experiences workers have with the tools they use must be seamless, is why Dell is consistently the choice of supplier across the small business community.