Small businesses drive performance and agility with PowerEdge servers



By deploying their first server, or upgrading to a more powerful server solution, organisations can protect operational uptime and performance, as well as their ability to scale and adapt to meet market demands.

Ultimately, making smart use of the right servers means businesses can enable their employees to operate more effectively, while better serving customers. Many companies move to a Dell Technologies PowerEdge server when they find they are operating with data held across multiple computers, or they are reaching the limits of their free cloud storage. They may have become accustomed to juggling laptops, log-ins and memory sticks, but as they take on more customers or business lines this can quickly become unmanageable.

For small businesses in those scenarios, buying a first server and centralising operations means securing significant efficiency gains and being able to action ideas more quickly, while also attaining closer control of internal infrastructures and securing data more effectively with additional backup. Email management, remote access options and collaboration capabilities will also be improved. Given the relatively low costs of hard disks, capacity can be expanded when needed. Purchasing a server is often described as one of the best investments any small and growing company can make.