How can Dell support your small business?



Small businesses have finite resources. From small teams to limited budgets and a fledgling or antiquated IT infrastructure – often overseen by just one person, these businesses can ill-afford to be spending the bulk of their time fixing problems or ‘putting out fires’.

In fact, it’s essential that small business leaders spend as much time as possible doing what they are supposed to do – leading from the front – if they are to succeed in a volatile and uncertain market.

Tamara Lohan MBE, founder and CTO at hotelier Mr & Mrs Smith, put it best when she once said:

“You’re the one that needs to drive the vision. You can delegate the tasks but the vision and the purpose of the company has to be yours.”

This can be easier said than done, however as technology concerns can take small business leaders’ focus away from what really matters.

Everything from dated and insecure PCs and poor network connectivity to slow websites and unreliable telephony systems can put a strain on small business time, resource – and ultimately impact business performance too. And this is by no means ideal when analysis from the UK’s Enterprise Research Centre has revealed that the number of businesses going out of business is 70% higher than it was a year ago.

It doesn’t have to be this way though, as studies have shown that new hardware and software can have a positive impact on business performance.

In a IDG-Dell study conducted at the end of 2019, 58% of UK-based small business leaders said that technology would play a ‘major’ or ‘significant’ role in achieving their business goals in the year ahead, while 34% - the second highest percentage polled – said upgrading IT systems was a top three investment priority for 2020.

Separately, approximately 32% of small businesses said that security concerns would push them to refresh their IT infrastructure.

Here, we outline some of the benefits to picking the right small business technology partner, and how Dell can help small businesses get both quality and value for money.

The global pandemic brings new concerns for small business

Businesses of all sizes across the world have been hit with a sudden change to their ways of working as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For small businesses in particular, concerns around how to keep the business running are keeping leaders up at night.

Yet, this crisis can also be the catalyst for technology change, as the use of legacy technologies reveal themselves to be a barrier to moving forward out of this crisis.

76% of small business decision makers said limited HR, legacy IT and culture, and a lack of time were stopping their business from scaling up

This was arguably a barrier to business growth long before COVID-19 took hold -- with 76% of small business decision makers saying limited HR, legacy IT and culture, and a lack of time were stopping their business from scaling up – but a move to exclusive remote working only makes life harder in this regard.

To keep up, small businesses are having to adapt to remote working, and to provide accessible systems and solutions that can keep their workforce engaged, productive and collaborative. For one business, this might mean new rolling out new Windows 10 PCs or new anti-virus software, for another a move to VoIP or cloud collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Whatever the choice, and wherever the investment, small businesses should invest in solutions that last for the pandemic and beyond. In an age of mass ‘panic buying’ – and where some technology transformation programmes have had to be condensed into a matters of weeks, they must look for solutions that come within budget, with good TCO, and which promise to address the problems the business has in the short to medium-term future. For this, they can also benefit by working with a trusted technology partner.

Get future-fit with Dell

Dell has long supported small businesses by providing tech advisors, (free of charge, to help determine the best technology for their requirements. With access to an unrivalled portfolio of desktops, servers and laptops, there is often a solution for businesses of any kind, whether they require top-end speed, or best-in-class portability. Dell Financial Services can also offer support by offering low rate financing and deferred payment of up to 180 days.

What’s more, as an end-to-end partner, Dell can help small businesses from the very start of the project to the end. This can entail advice and consultancy at the start of a project, to the deployment of storage, networking, servers and security solutions – all of which are backed up by readily available, best-in-class support services from Dell Technologies advisors. The complete solution from beginning to end is the PC-as-a-Service subscription model, that combines computing, software and various IT support services at a competitive, price.

There are cost advantages too, which is critical given the IDG-Dell study found that cost savings and expertise are the most important attributes that small businesses look for in a technology partner. Boasting over 30 years of experience in the small business sector, Dell brings great expertise and value for money, providing a one-stop-shop for most requirements.

If you are a small business, Dell Technologies Advisors are here to help. Dell understands the challenges of running a business and can offer advice on your tech solutions.

Visit or speak with an advisor on 0800 085 4878